"Just because a student would be more successful in a smaller class size, shouldn't mean there needs to be a sacrifice to the level of his education."


• To encourage students in their development as inspired Jews

• To instill in students a genuine love for the Torah’s beauty 

• To give students the tools to be able to learn on their own and enjoy the learning process

• To help students adjust to life in Israel and develop into responsible, contributing members of society       

Our Goals

Mission Statement


Our mission is to foster

students’ scholastic,

emotional and spiritual

development by offering

a well-rounded Torah

and secular education;

to bring out the best in

each student through

individualized goal-setting

and positively reinforced

relationships between

students and teachers; and

to help students integrate

into Israeli society.

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2 Bnei Dan

Beit Shemesh

Tel: 02-652-6048

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