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All students and staff must show respect for others, and themselves at all times. 

Equipment Requirements


Any lost, misplaced, or seriously damaged school books must be paid for and replaced. Students damaging school property will be required to pay for repairs or replacement.




Students are to be in school by 8:30 a.m. for davening.

Students who arrive after 9:30 without a reason approved by the administration will be considered late and will be required to sit for a "detention". The duration and scheduling of the detention will be determined by the administration. 

Students may not leave school grounds during school hours without express permission from Ohr Moshe staff.


Students may sign out of school only when we receive a written communication from an authorised person (parent or someone on the emergency card).


No student has a free period unless specifically notified by the administration.  If a student has last period(s) free, his class will be dismissed early.


Tests and Grades


Students should make every effort to be in school on the day of a scheduled test. Teachers do not have to provide makeup tests unless they feel the circumstances or their policies warrant them.


The penalty for cheating on any exam is a 0 on the test or quiz; students who cheat on midterms or finals will automatically fail the course.  Suspicion of cheating may be treated in the same way.

Summer vacation usually begins after June 20th each year. It is important to check the Bagrut schedule, assigned by the Ministry of Education before scheduling vacations. They usually schedule some of the Bagriot for after this date. 


Electronics and Technology

The only phones that may be seen on the campus are non smart phones, or kosher smart phones which have an approved filter.


If a smart phone is found on campus, it will be confiscated for the remainder of the school day. If this occurs more than once, the students and parents will be invited for a meeting in the school to discuss alternative arrangements for said student.


Students must use head phones at all times when listening to music. This includes all hours of the school day, including breaks and lunch.


Any use of technology (email, Facebook, texting) to threaten, harass, defame or “put down” students, teachers, faculty or Ohr Moshe itself will result in penalties up to and including expulsion. 


NO picture or video taken in the school or school activity may be saved or shared without express permission from the school administration.


Dress Code


Students must be dressed in a neat and presentable fashion at all times, this includes having a neat and presentable haircut. 




Foul language will be grounds for suspension.


Fight-inciting or threatening language will be grounds for suspension or expulsion.

(“I’ll kill you”, or “I’ll see you after school”)


Harassing or biased language will be grounds for suspension or expulsion.




Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting in or out of school may be grounds for suspension or expulsion. “Play fighting” may be grounds for discipline as well.


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