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Please be aware that the government is currently suggesting changes to the  Bagrut.

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Ohr Moshe prides itself in having multiple tracks of learning for our diverse spectrum of students.

Our "first and foremost" goal is for students to pursue a full bagrut, Israeli matriculation. Students do that over the four years of high school in the following stages:

9th grade: Teachers build foundations and skills for the particular test style and material the bagrut will require. While coming in tenth grade the bagrut is still a possibility, it is earlier that the preparation is done to really get the students ready.

10th grade: The students do a project for Tanach, History, Literature, and take an internal test in math. The English bagrut begins by students beginning a writing project called the log.

11th grade: Another project is done for Tanach. A project is also done in Gemara. In English, the students finish the log and take a test called E. Tests are taken in Math, History, and Literature.

12th grade: The students take a test in Tanach and Dinim and do another project in Gemara. Two tests are taken in Lashon. A project and a test are done in Citizenship. 

The students finish over the years hours towards Science, Chessed, sports, and classes on other topics. They finish Ohr Moshe with 25 yechidot.


Ohr Moshe is proud to be one of the only schools with small class sizes that encourage and push their students to do a full bagrut.

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