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Through the dedication and generosity of the supporters of Ohr Moshe throughout the world, this small yeshiva is changing lives. Please take a moment to recognize and appreciate their contributions. It is only through the help of these precious individuals that we are able to make Ohr Moshe a reality. We thank them endlessly, and hope you will consider joining their ranks.

Our Virtual Plaques

Sponsor the Learning of Torah

Those who have honored a special occasion, yahrtzeit of a loved one, or chose this tremendous merit to pray for someone in need of a speedy recovery.


Sponsorships can be for a day, a week, or longer. Click here to learn more about the opportunities available.


The sponsorship includes learning of Torah by our students and all affiliated learning programs includes a full morning of Torah learning, night seder for the students, night shiurim by a local Kollel, and special shiurim given by Rabbanim from the community.

Dedicated in Honor of...

Those who have chosen to dedicate specific items in the yeshiva in honor or memory of a loved one.


From items as simple as a chair in the shul, to a classroom in the school. Click here to find out more details about how you can have the merit of making a dedication.

Our Supporters

Those who have seen this "start up" Yeshiva as a once in a life time investment. To know that they were there at the beginning to make Ohr Moshe the success story it is today.


Their contribution will never be forgotten by us, and certainly stand as a badge of honor before the King of all Kings in Heaven.

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