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The primary goal of the Tanach program at Ohr Moshe is to instill in our students a deep love and passion for Talmud Torah and Avodas Hashem. To achieve this goal we work on acquiring the skills necessary to learn Chumash with Rashi. 


These skills include analyses of the pesukim, summarizing main points, as well as becoming intimately familiar with the methodology of Rashi. The development of these skills takes place over the course of covering large parts of Chumash Breishis with Rashi as well as various other places in Tanach. In terms of fulfilling the requirement for the Bagrut, two tests are given over the course of 10th-11th grade covering large sections of Bereishis, as well as the 5 Megillas, Mishlei, Ezra, and Nechemia.


Over the course of 11th and 12th grade the students are required to take another test which covers various parts of Sefer Shemos as well as sections in Yeshaya, Yirmiyah, Yechezkel, and Tehillim. The students are well prepared in order to be able to succeed on these tests. For a more detailed list of the students' requirements see: 


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