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Lashon/ Hebrew Language

Department head: Arie Epstein

The Hebrew program in Ohr Moshe is of paramount importance. Not only is Hebrew viewed as a language to be utilized as a tool for future successes in business, but more importantly as a method for being fully absorbed and ensconced in Israeli life.


There are two divisions of the Hebrew language department in Ohr Moshe:


1. For the fluent Hebrew speaking student body

2. For the more “new to Israel” Olim Chadashim.


Both programs stress the importance of “learning Hebrew by using Hebrew” and encourage the students to immerse themselves in as many opportunities to speak the language as possible.


Students focus on:


·      Grammar

·      Sentence structure

·      Tone and usage

·      Vocabulary 

·      Components of literature

·      And reading comprehension


The goal of the program is to produce students who are not only functioning on as high a level as possible, but to inculcate the students with a general belief that if they put sincere effort into improving their abilities in this subject, they will see success.

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