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Ohr Moshe was established for students who simply require a smaller class size to succeed. The average class size in regular Israeli schools is 25-40 students, which obviously does now allow for individual attention. Those who have more pronounced challenges have the benefit of specialized school programs where the academic focus is secondary.


This leaves our students with two options: either to be placed in a regular class which cannot meet their needs or to be placed in a remedial educational setting together with students who have far more severe challenges which demand more of the teachers’ time and energy. In either case, their minds aren't being challenged and their needs aren't being met. 


As a result, many of them feel like misfits or failures. In truth, they have not failed; it is the system which has failed them. Ohr Moshe offers a holistic approach to education, ensuring students’ emotional, social and spiritual needs are being met while developing their scholastic and intellectual abilities. We assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses and our resource department develops specialised learning strategies to meet specific needs. They are treated like serious students with limitless possibilities. 


We recognise that every student is a world unto himself and that everyone has the potential to succeed; we just need to illuminate the path. By providing students with a warm environment, small classes, individual attention, and structured learning programs tailored to each student’s particular strengths, the students benefit from a positive learning experience which in turn boosts their self-esteem and feeling of success.


 Ohr Moshe is changing lives for the better, one student at a time.


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