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Penn Foster is an online high school that is both regionally and nationally accredited in the United States.  In the 2016-17 school year, Ohr Moshe will begin offering this program on our campus as an option for students as an alternative to the Bagrut diploma.


The program consists of a full Limudei Kodesh program, several courses in limudei chol which are not part of the Penn Foster program and of course the full course load fulfilling the curriculum to receive the Penn Foster diploma.


Penn Foster consists of online tests that will be administered and supervised in Ohr Moshe. In order to graduate students will need to complete the following courses.  


-Orientation (2 exams)

-Human Relations (3 exams)

-Reading Skills (3 exams)

-English 101 (4 exams)

-General Math I (6 exams)

-Fitness & Nutrition (6 exams)

-American History (5 exams)

-English 102 (3 exams, 3 short writing assignment)

-Consumer Math (3 exams)

-Earth Science (6 exams)

-United States Civics (4 exams)

-Written Communication (6 exams & a paper)

-Biology (5 exams)

-General Math 2 (4 exams)

-World Geography (4 exams)

-Physics (6 exams)

-Literature (7 exams)

- 3 to 5 Electives (3 to 6 exams each)


The Penn Foster staff in Ohr Moshe will prepare all transcripts for submission from previous years of high school and apply for an exemption from Penn Foster for the classes they have previously taken and passed. (There may be a fee for translation and notarization of documents)


Ohr Moshe's Penn Foster staff will provide your son with the guidance and support both academically, as well as, organizationally to complete this degree.  A student beginning the Penn Foster program without any transferring credits can potentially complete the program as quickly as one year, but it often takes closer to two. The pace depends on the abilities and motivation of each student.  Our staff will customize a program for your son, helping him build his self-esteem as he succeeds in his studies.


Penn Foster has a fee (as of June 19th, 2016) of  $1,499 (separate from Ohr Moshe) that can be paid in full for an additional discount of $100.  This covers the entire cost of tuition, books, course materials, transcript, and diploma. There are no hidden fees or registration costs.  Penn Foster is also very flexible and will create payment plans that can be set up with credit cards.  They will allow a monthly fee as low as $49.  At this price it will take two and a half years to pay off.  However, please be aware that courses and their materials are released according to how many payments have been made. It is possible that your son will move faster than your payment plan.  If this happens we will contact you and discuss your options.  


Each family is responsible to pay for their son's Penn foster fees.  Our staff will take care of the details, but we need your credit card information, authorization, and payment plan to register your son.  


At any point if you wish to pull your son from the Penn Foster program our staff will help you discontinue your enrollment with Penn Foster.  We cannot make any promises about what and if they will refund you, except that in our past experience they have been extremely reasonable.


All materials and text books will be delivered directly to the school. Your son may keep and take home any of these materials that he wants upon completing the program.  


All exams must be taken at Ohr Moshe while being proctored by our staff. Any student that takes even one exam on their own, will not be provided with documentation that their exams were proctored.  This documentation is extremely important because it verifies that the student's transcript is a true reflection of their abilities and not potentially someone else's. 


We are looking forward to helping your son reach his full potential.


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