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Who was Moshe?

Moshe Chaim ben Binyomin - Mr. Marvin Lipman Zt'l


An immeasurable love for his family, his people, his country, and his God.


Marvin Lipman was a pillar of the North Miami Beach Jewish community, helping to build the Shul, the school and Jewish life. His devotion to others and love of chessed are hallmarks of the yeshiva which is proudly named after him and his legacy.



A page from the local high school yearbook where Moshe lived. His grand children were in the school, and so was Grampa, just to help out. Whether it was a light bulb that needed to be changed or a door handle that needed to be fixed. Marvin Lipman could be counted on to walk the halls of the school looking for ways to contribute.

2010 - present


2010 - present

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