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The Ohr Moshe night seder program is designed to help the students learn the tremendous value in coming out to the beis medrash to learn at night. In a world where schedules and time management can be so challenging, it is vital that we help our children learn the importance of making Torah learning a part of our day for a lifetime.


Night Seder is divided into two parts: Thoughts on the Parsha and Tanach/Yahadut.


On Sunday night, Rabbi Yaniv Ochayon learns Yehoshua and Shoftim with the students. The lessons from our holy past come to life at the same time as the boys work on their reading and havana (understanding).


 by Rabbi Yaniv Ochayon who teaches a shiur on Messilat Yesharim. The boys are shown the Ramchal's message and ideas in leading each of us towards purity and holiness. They are encouraged to seek more and the boys truly see the path which this monumental sefer lays before us.

Night Seder

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