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Resource Department

The resource department works hard to compile a comprehensive and descriptive profile for each Ohr Moshe student, based on ivchunim and teacher reports, and in conjunction with Ohr Moshe's yoetz, Rabbi Shalom Iskowitz.


The profile describes your son's strengths and the areas in need of improvement, in addition to containing educational goals unique to him. Teachers use the profile both individually and class wide to address needs, and to help your son reach his potential in the classroom and beyond. Frequent follow up meetings ensure that our staff is staying on top of progress, and doing their best to help your son achieve success.


How the Resource Department Functions

Upon acceptance to the school, all of the student's previous testing, report cards, assessments and any other relevant information is passed on to Mrs. Field who then forms a chart for the new student.

This chart is then modified for each teacher to focus on the curriculum and goals for that teacher's class. The chart for each student is modified as needed throughout the year as growth is seen.

Each teacher will then meet with and discuss their curriculum with Mrs. Lipman as needed to make modifications to the work and class structure to see that the needs of each student are being met.

Each student is assessed as the year progresses in weekly meetings to ensure they are receiving maximum individualized attention. Tutoring is implemented as needed.

When a student applies to the school, a meeting is set for Rabbi Iskowitz to discuss the student's individual challenges to assess the compatability of the child's needs with Ohr Moshe's program.

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