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Let's get started

Please watch the video on the left and answer the questions on the right. Answers should then be emailed to RabbiLipman@Gmail.Com. In the subject of the email, write the title of the video. (eg LGS Lesson 1) Please check out: which gives you learning on a silver platter! Video credit to Benny Goldstein.

LGS Lesson 1

1. What is the Torah SheBaal Peh?

2. Who were the Zekeinim?

3. Who were the Anshei Knesset HaGedolah?

LGS Lesson 2

1. What was the job of the Nassi?

2. What wa the job of the Av Beit Din?

3. Who were the last "Pair"?

4. What did the Tannaim think it was their job to do?

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