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Please use the chart to the right to obtain a basic understanding of the stucture by which Ohr Moshe gives the Bagrut.

A Bagrut Pnimi means it is an internally creaed test, i.e. written by the school and administered internally by the school. We also mark the tests and only then send in the scores to the Misrad Hachinuch.

An External Bagrut means a test sent to us by the Misrad Hachinuch. They also will send proctors to administer the test in the school. We send in the tests and the Misrad Hachinuch will then grade them.


A yechidah is another word for a point. To have a full Bagrut, you need at least 23 points. 

A Bagrut diploma is only issued to a student who has a major in a five point subject other than English or math.

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