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The Official Adar Takanon 2014


Students will come in with nametags declaring their “new Adar names”.


Teachers must teach at least three random facts during each class.


At the beginning of the last class of the day, the students in that class will choose a tile on the floor to be the “explosive tile”. If a teacher steps on that tile, the students are allowed to get up and start singing the alphabet. (Maximum three times per day)


During the first five minutes of class in the afternoon, teachers will use either a foreign accent or a squeaky voice.


Students may chew gum during the first class of the afternoon on Monday and Wednesdays.


Every teacher must “do something fun” at least once per week with each their classes.


Zev Ledee will turn the lights off once per afternoon on Sunday and Thursday at which points all students and teachers will stand up and start dancing. When the lights go back on, everything returns to “normal”.


The dress code rules of collars and jeans will be cancelled for the week of March 9th through the 12th.


“Vinahafuch hu” Day means that on Tuesdays, the classes are flipped around to face the opposite directions as usual.


Once a week, each teacher must give the last fifteen minutes of one class off.When teachers walk into class, students will salute.


If Rabbi Lipman walks into class all students will pretend to fall asleep.


Teachers should walk into class backwards at least once per day.


11:00 am will be five minutes of Ohr Moshe zombie break where all students will moan and groan and stalk the hallways as zombies.


Teachers may reward specific students by allowing them to get up and do an Impromptu Chicken Dance. The teacher may join in.


All students may try to adopt a new “catch phrase”. The teachers will vote at the end whose was the best and a prize will be rewarded.


Hair gel will be permitted and in fact encouraged in excess.


Teachers will reward good students with candies.


Every teacher must use the word hippopotamus once per day.

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